Stamford Health Find My Way App Reviews

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Decent app but map is frustrating

I’m at the hospital a lot and had downloaded the app to help get around the new hospital building. I’m disabled and like to map out the shortest route in the halls when I’m on the crutches and also for when I’m in the wheelchair. It’s a good app for finding out about a physician and to see what amenities the building offers (great idea for anyone who has to spend the day in a waiting room or visitors to patients). But the map...I used it once to help me find where a new doctor was. Didn’t really help. I just now updated the app and it’s worse. Trying to be too fancy with the 3d, although I see where you were going with it. It keeps knocking me out of the building or scrolling to other floors while I’m trying to zoom in...and this is while I’m home trying to figure it out. I tried the different views but the building one is the one I’d use most of I could. I do love the fact that you can spot things on it, building landmarks like vending machines, restrooms and info desks. Liked even more that you have the artwork info in there—the new artwork is fantastic in the building and the water/nature theme is wonderful. But again, the map on the app was very hard to navigate. Thankfully (well sort of) I’ve been there enough now that I know where I’m going, but for anyone going for the first time, it can be a little daunting.


Does not show the new Integrated Care Pavilion or my cardiologist or parking.

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